P Harris Studio

About the Artist

Thank you for visiting my page. To get to the actual business part: Prints are all created in house with a strict limit on numbers made. Paintings are subject to a quote on shipping and handling. Sculpture is only sold at the studio,no shipping.


About me:

I was born in 1951 in Memphis Tn, and my family moved to Downers Grove, Il. in 1955. My childhood was spent outside enjoying the township 25 miles from Chicago. Drawing and sculpting at an early age, I was fortunate to visit the Art Institute often viewing works of Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet an Matisse as well as abstract expressionist. These early impressions never left me!


I purchased my studio in 2009 and other then having to remove a fallen oak tree and replace 90% of the structure I had a place to work within a year. I create digital art, sculptures large and small, oil paintings and prints.My current passion is integrating my digital explorations with my traditional medium: paint. I am a colorist and focus on forms with a nod to the subject. My bold colored canvas and juxtoposition of complementary colors is not for everyone, but, the right piece in the right place may just brighten your interior design. Your support is greatly appreciated! I hope you find happiness and joy in your endeavors as I have in mine. 

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